OCR / ICR Service

We offer highly dependable Optical Character Recognition Services (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition Services (ICR). Using our OCR/ICR services you will be able to get scanned images and scanned documents to computer editable image and computer editable text respectively. This will help you reduce your data entry or data processing expenses dramatically. Our company makes use of the latest OCR/ICR technologies available in the industry.

We have served wide range of business verticals including insurance industry, healthcare industry and more. We have the capabilities and the resources to take up all kinds of OCR/ICR requirements. We will also be able to work with all niche industries. Our vast experience in offering OCR/ICR services has enabled us to offer the best and the most dependable services. Regardless of the complexity of the OCR or ICR requirements we will be able to do justice to your requirements. We never compromise on the quality of the services we offer. Our company offers the fastest turnaround times and we always meet our deadlines without any issue.

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Our business model has been built on customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. Our services are certainly one cut above the rest. You will never run into problems when you choose our services. As we use the latest and the more robust OCR / ICR tools we are able to convert your documents with the highest rate of accuracy. Every OCR/ICR assignment we undertake is subjected to rigorous quality control tests. We are upfront in addressing our customers' regular concerns on outsourcing their OCR/ICR requirements. Two major areas of concerns that customers normally fear about are accuracy related issues and timeline related problems. We have the best tools and the most experienced resources to take care of your requirements. Our company has been delivering excellent quality services in the timeliest way possible. We deliver 100% on the agreed deadline. By leaving no room for complaints in the most concerning areas of outsourcing OCR and ICR requirements we give our customers the best experience which makes them return to us for all their subsequent requirements.

You will also find our prices very nominal. You can enjoy premium quality OCR/ICR services at the most reasonable prices. Our OCR / ICR services are very comprehensive ranging from Typewritten OCR, Barcode Recognition, OCR for text in cursive writing, document conversion, image conversions and more. You will never have to look any further for all your OCR requirements.

Our systematic approach to processing your orders on OCR/ICR has made us the number one service provider in the industry. As we have experience working with diverse business verticals and diverse requirements we will be able to handle your requirements too without any problem. Send us your requirements and get a no obligation free quote. Our company offers the best customer support and all your queries and concerns will be addressed promptly. Our well trained customer support representatives will be happy to answer all your queries. You are just a few clicks away from premium range of OCR services.

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